A team of audio engineers who operate the audio console to record, mix and reproduce sound in our adult, youth and children services.

Contact: La Rue Ragan |



As public acknowledgement and affirmation of a spiritual burial and resurrection, our baptism teams assists believers in participation of this sacrament of the church.

Contact: Kenneth Williams |


In remembrance of Jesus Christ's precious sacrifice for us on the cross, our Communion team serves the Lord’s supper communion at each worship service typically on the first weekend of each month.


Contact: Steve Prouty |



Ambassadors use their gift of service to provide a personal expression of Christian warmth and welcome, by providing literature, a smile and a welcoming atmosphere at church. They also guide guests to seats, remain accessible to guests, and provide information as needed.

Contact: Larry Cooper |



The Hospitality Team prepares and serves refreshments and beverages to church and ministry team members to stimulate an environment of fellowship before and after our services.

Contact: Stacey Davidson |



The Medical Emergency team serves to aid those in medical distress by providing initial medical response while awaiting arrival of (civic) emergency personnel. Team members must be certified in CPR or a trained medic, including EMT, nurse, physician or other medical professional.

Contact: Jerrin West |


As the “first face” of ALCF, our Parking team serves to extend a warm welcome to all who come to ALCF, while directing them to appropriate parking spaces at ALCF and in the immediate area. If you are available to serve at least 60 minutes before and during the worship service, we are glad to have you join the team.

Contact: Todd Rosenbaum |


Praise & worship—including singing songs, playing instruments and dancing—is a vital part of our celebration service when we come together as believers to express our thanks to God for Who He is and for all that He has done.

Auditions are required for the following four opportunities:

Praise & Worship Team: A coed team who leads our congregation in songs of praise and worship ranging in genre from traditional hymns to contemporary Gospel.

Band: A group of musicians who play various instruments to support the Praise & Worship team.

Dance: The Praise Dance ministry presents choreographed dance routines set to music as an expression of worship.

Choir: A larger coed group (ages 12+) who perform once monthly during our Sunday Worship Celebrations. Rehearses two consecutive weekends prior to performance date.

Contact: Cormac Parker, Jr. |


The Resource Center team assists guests in selecting and purchasing sermon CDs and DVDs, as well as books and other resources following our Sunday worship service.

Contact: Hodari Wilson |



The Visual Media team operates cameras and computer software to display song lyrics, announcements, sermon content and other video resources (i.e. YouTube videos, DVDs, etc.)

Contact: Robin Jenks |