Cambodia is a war-ravaged country. When the Khmer Rouge took power in 1975, 80% of its believers were martyred in Pol Pot’s killing fields by the end of 1979. Today, Christians in Cambodia number less than two percent of the population.

Chandra Chapp, a native Cambodian, is the Director of Pleroma Home for Girls. They exist to create a safe haven for girls under 18, who have been victims—or are at high risk for being victims—of human trafficking. They are nurtured holistically to realize their full potential as God’s precious daughters with His glorious image restored in them. Chandra’s work includes counseling girls, overseeing and training dorm moms, teachers, social workers, and counselors, travelling several times per month to distant provinces for court days and family follow up, as well as networking with providers throughout Cambodia.

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Less than one percent of the 127 million Japanese people are Christians, but with the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami the cultural and spiritual barriers that have divided Christians from the greater Japanese society are weakening. There now exists more opportunities for sharing the Gospel and leading people to Christ. Bri, a trained ESL teacher, is ministering to the Japanese as she shows and teaches about God through conversational English classes, songs, arts and crafts and cooking classes. If you would like to share in her ministry, by prayer and/or financial support, please click here.



Home of New Beginnings (HNB) offers these women hope by welcoming them into a Christ-centered, family-oriented residential program where they are able to heal (counseling support and medical care); learn of God’s great love for them and His plan for their future; gain access to educational and vocational programs, life skills courses, and Bible classes. In addition, HNB offers free English classes and hosts an annual Christmas banquet. Residents make crafts to raise awareness and support.

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