“He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come see the place where He lay.”—Matthew 28:6

How you can participate…

Set Aside Time For Fasting*:

  • Fast from solid foods one or more days, or part of a day each week.

  • Limit (or perhaps eliminate) your indulgence in one or more of your usual pleasure practices (TV, & movies, sports, or your favorite hobby).

  • Consider doing the “Daniel Fast.”

  • Optional “foods” to eliminate: coffee/teas, candies, sweets, sodas, etc.


* Please note: If you are under a physician’s care, consult with him/her before fasting.

Suggested Prayer Agenda:

The following prayer agenda will make both private and group prayer times more meaningful and effective.

  • Spend some time seeking the Lord privately and/or with other believers through personal prayer, reading God’s Word or attending and participating in prayer meetings.

  • Giving God praise and thanks for who He is and for some of the specific ways He has blessed you and others recently.

  • Pray for personal and congregational renewal. Pray about your relationship with God and other believers. 

  • Pray for those in authority; our elders, pastors, staff and leaders in their areas of responsibility. Pray also for our elected local, state and national leaders. 

  • Pray for the salvation of not-yet-believers, including family members, friends, neighbors and the world. Pray also by categories (e.g.  addicts, teens, single parents, gangs, business people, college students).